Barry Infinity Equality Field equation
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Barry Infinity Equality Field Equation

Barry Infinity Equality Field Equation
I would like to Thank each and Every one of you for coming out to this website. I would like to begin by discussing what this website is about

This web site is a off shoot of the Barry Equality Field Equation using Intelligent Design-God it will in the future deploy M String Theory. If you believe in Big Bang, Theory of Evolution, Einsteins Theory of Relativity, and Stephen Hawkins Singularity One event Horizon. This site will not work for you and you are better off going elsewhere.

The Equation I wrote is being developed and started last year in late 2020 as indicated in the Published and copyrighted work. The work follows two basic principles.

1). This Equation has no recognition of points of origins but rather Gateways and Node Points thus it follows the Thermo Law of Dynamics 1st and 2nd laws.

2). This Equation uses Multiple Events on Multiple time lines. I have also provided some work in a practical sense that supports my ideas. Please see Published work section.

3). I have updated the Barry Infinity Equality Field Equation by Unifying this with M string theory at the 8th and 9th dimension Work is below

4). I am publishing the work entitle Barry's Dual Octagon 576 Bit Dual Decagon CPU. This design serves three purposes:

a). Creates a practical application for the Barry Infinity Equality Field Equation - Network Topology dated 01/24/2022.

b). Network Topology built within the 576 Bit Dual Decagon CPU

c). New CPU Design and configurations


                         Barrys 576 Bit Dual Decagon CPU

                        Barry's Dual Ocatgon 384 Bit CPU


This Completes my Work on Unifying both Barry Equality Field Equation 7th level and Barry Infinity Equality Field Equation 9th level and M String Theory dated 11/27/2021. I can be found on Social media with the following banners below: